FITFI is a computer vision enabled fitness platform that identifies and tracks exercises through your phone camera and provides real-time actionable insights.

We are dedicated to honesty, accuracy, and truth in fitness to help you workout smarter not harder.

Utilizing the latest developments in AI, Exercise Science and fitness tracking technology we built FITFI to eliminate the complexity in fitness.

We are building meaningful communities and bringing the fitness world all together.


Our computer vision technology allows you to train Live with FITFI community around the world in real-time.


Once you position your phone with the camera facing towards you and start the workout, computer vision technology analyzes your movements and provides real-time feedback.


  • No time, no problem. With FITFI train according to your schedule
  • Find your workout from the upcoming classes
  • Participate in a Live class with your favorite trainer

Hand Free Logging

With our computer vision technology, FITFI recognizes the exercise automatically and logs them in your app without the need to touch your phone.

Keeps you Motivated

Join a scheduled online class. Have your live workouts monitored by a professional trainer in real-time. Share your results with your friends.

Simple to Use

Unobtrusive UI and user experience designed to make working out simple and delightful.

Join the Challenge

Go Live and join the challenge with other fitness enthusiasts. It’s never the same workout twice.

Real time Insights

FITFI detects your posture with the number of reps and sets completed and suggests improvements in real-time to help you achieve your goals.

Train with the world’s best

Train smart with our innovative technology with world’s best athletes and influencers around the world live.

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